Tour Report – Enjoy Wagashi Making with Uji Matcha Tea in Tokyo

和菓子作り体験と宇治抹茶を愉しむ  抹茶道の和菓子作り体験に、また、素敵なお客様をお迎えしました。会社のお仲間で、週末に、少しだけ日常から離れて日本文化を楽しみたいとご参加いただけたそうです。普段は、IT業界でお忙しくされているお二人です。子供の頃に戻ったかのように夢中になられていたお姿がとても印象的でした。体験中に何度も、「無になれて、気持ちいい」とおっしゃられていました。出来上がりの作品のクオリティも、とても高かったです。家に戻られ、ご家族から「おいしいし、見た目もアメージング」と驚かれたそうです。和菓子作り体験は、このように大人の週末としても、また、ご家族のイベントとしても人気のプランです。ぜひ、体験してみてください! プランの詳細はこちら: 体験風景 プランの詳細はこちら:

Tour Report – Oct. 17th, 2020

  和菓子作り体験と宇治抹茶を愉しむ  抹茶道の和菓子作り体験に、素敵な姉妹をお迎えしました。とにかくあんこが大好き!何か面白い体験ができないかなと探した結果、弊社を選んでいただけたそうです。今回は、季節を彩るモチーフ「なでしこ」と「手毬」作りに取り組んでいただきました。とても優しいお二人の人柄が、色や形に良く表れていました。お帰りの際は、笑顔と共に「楽しかった~」というお言葉もいただき、大変温かい気持ちになりました。全コース、プライベートツアーの形式を徹底しています。安全・安心にお楽しみいただけます。また、スタッフ、お客さまの健康チェックを行い、ソーシャルディスタンスを守りながら運営しています。スタッフ一同、皆さまとお会いできる日を楽しみにお待ちしています。 プランの詳細はこちら: 体験風景 プランの詳細はこちら:

Tour Report – Sep. 15th, 2020

Enjoy Wagashi Making with Uji Matcha Tea in Tokyo We have welcomed a wonderful aunt and niece pair from the States, (Georgia and California) to our Japanese sweets making workshop. This is a high school graduation gift from the Aunt and their first visit to Asia. The niece had a strong interest for our workshop as she loves making sweets and she always wanted to learn the authentic method to prepare Japanese sweets. She was very determined during the workshop. They were very laid back and sweet. We admired how much they cared about each other and their smiles showed […]

Tour Report –Jun. 28th, 2019

Enjoy Wagashi Making with Uji Matcha Tea in Tokyo We welcomed two wonderful guests to our Wagashi making workshop. They enjoyed making sweets with two different cherry blossom motifs. It was employed as a part of a project to invite foreign press to experience Japanese cuisine. The writer was from Los Angeles, USA. She seemed to enjoy the process of making sweets because she likes the sweet bean paste. We were impressed with how she handled the delicate technique of applying colors and decoration to the sweets. She said she would always remember this day of making wagashi herself when […]

Tour Report –Feb. 15th, 2019

Enjoy Wagashi Making with Uji Matcha Tea in Tokyo It was a gorgeous day with cherry blossoms in full bloom everywhere. Today, we welcomed a group of international guests from France, Spain and Japan to our Japanese sweets workshop. Our guests work for a company which develops ingredients for cosmetics. The international members who were attending a training session in Japan participated in our plan as a part of welcome events hosted by the company. Our group were mainly ladies, jolly, elegant and upbeat! However, once the workshop started, they tackled the job seriously and their pieces turned out beautifully. […]

Tour Report – Mar. 25th, 2018

Enjoy Wagashi Making with Uji Matcha Tea in Tokyo We welcomed twin sisters from Israel today at our Wagashi making workshop. They decided to spend some time in Japan before going off to college. Their classes will start next month and they will major in Biology at the same college. The sisters seem to get along well and were smart and pleasant to talk to. We had a wonderful time having them as they are our first guests from Israel. The chat after the workshop was fun and informative as we talked about our respective countries. There is a military […]

Tour Report – Oct. 9th, 2017