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Prior to the official launch of our new tour that includes a tea ceremony and Kaiseki lunch, we are doing a private tour next week. Today we went to the venue to make sure everything is fine to welcome our first guests. Here’s some pictures taken there. Have a sneak preview for now as we will launch the tour at the end of June!  

We will launch our new tour at the end of ...

As we are going to welcome our very first guests on our very first tour on May 9th, we visited Doi-en again for one last meeting last week. Mr. Doi, the owner served us Shin-cha, a tea that’s made of the first fresh leaves of the season, only available at this time of the year. He served us 2 cups of the same Shin-cha, but with different water temperatures. Did you know depending on the water temperature, the same tea leaves end up tasting totally different, due to the different melting points of what’s contained in a tea leaf? On […]

Experience this surprisingly different tastes of Shin-cha!

Let us introduce ” Gallery Yakimono NAGANAWA “ which is being guided by our tour. This shop is a gallery of Pottery in Gakugei-daigaku(Meguro-ku,Tokyo). Each work is filled with expectation of a shop owner and a author. It’s possible to sense by the warmth which is being transmitted the moment we took it in our hands. Please take our tour and experience it!!

” Gallery Yakimono NAGANAWA ” which is being guided by ...

Hello, my name is ”MATTSU”. A member of Mat-Cha-Doh. I’m a event planner who likes Matcha (ground green tea) and travel very much. We’re wishing that all over the world brims over with calm at the heart, health and cheerful every day by amazing power of Matcha(Green Tea). Please enjoy the experience tour which are our service. An English interpreter is guiding you a tour.     

Hello, my name is ”MATTSU”.