The spirit of hospitality dictated by the “Sage of Tea” will bring our guests a coolness on hot summer days.


Let us introduce “hira chawan”, a tea bowl featured only in summer season.

Sen-no-Rikyu, known as the Sage of Tea, succeeded in shaping the style of tea ceremony we see now.
In his “Seven Rules of Tea”, the ultimate guide of entertaining guests, he states one of the rules is to “provide a sense of coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter”

Imagine 400 years ago, when there was no air conditioner.
It required utmost consideration to the weather when serving a bowl of tea at the best condition possible.

Its spirit manifests in the style of the tea bowl as seen in Hira chawan.

Hira chawan, which can be translated to ‘shallow bowls’, provide a large surface for the hot tea to cool down.
The temperature of the tea will be perfect by the time the tea is prepared and ready to be served.

Mat-Cha-Doh offers an authentic tea ceremony experience filled with the spirit of tea that has been passed down since the time of Sen-no-Rikyu.


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