Authentic Cha-kaiseki (a five-course traditional cuisine) and Tea Ceremony in Tokyo



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This tour provides a full five-course traditional Cha-kaiseki (cuisine served before tea ceremony) and a tea ceremony experience in a special facility with a tea ceremony room. An oasis of calm and traditional beauty in the midst of urban Tokyo.

* The venue is a private facility and not open to the public.



  • Experience the formal way of tea, which includes a five-course traditional Cha-kaiseki cuisine prepared by a chef with more than 20 years experience followed by a tea ceremony.  You can also enjoy Japanese sake (rice wine).




  •  The venue is an oasis of calm in urban Tokyo. Experience Japanese culture in a beautiful tea room complete with precious art and tea utensils.


  • The owner of the venue himself, a professional Ura-senke teacher at its second-highest rank, will treat you to tea and explain the history and ritual of the ceremony.





  1. Cha-kaiseki

    • Enjoy a five-course traditional cuisine formally served before tea ceremony specially prepared by a chef with more than 20 years experience.
    • Sake (rice wine) is also available.
  2. Tea ceremony: Free your mind through the ritual of tea

    • Enjoy the finest quality green tea and traditional Japanese sweets from famous confectioneries.
    • Learn about tea utensils, hanging scrolls and the etiquette of flower arrangement.
    • Try for yourself the unique and fun Japanese way of making green tea.













  • Private venue in Futako-Tamagawa, Tokyo.
  • Meet at Futako-tamagawa Station. Welcomed by interpreter (English).


  • 2.5 hours


  • 20,000 yen per person – includes interpreter (English or Mandarin Chinese) fee and souvenirs.
  • Private tours: add 20,000 yen per group

    * Cancellation Policy:  Full amount will be refunded if contacted up to 7 days prior to the event. Otherwise no refund will be granted.


  • Wagashi (Japanese sweets) from Hachinoya Confectionery.
  • Photos taken during tea ceremony are provided later over the internet.


  • You will need to take your shoes off in the tea room, so please wear socks or stockings.
  • The tea ceremony room is a sacred space. Please note the following:
    • Please wear tops with sleeves (short sleeves are OK) that cover the shoulders.
    • Please make sure you wear something that will cover your knees. Do not wear shorts or mini-skirts. Any fabric is acceptable.


Food Allergies/Religious Restrictions

Please inform us of any food allergies or religious restrictions in advance.

  • For those with allergies or religious restrictions, we will gladly substitute other ingredients.
  • For those who do not eat meat, we offer Shojin or vegetarian cuisine based on the dietary restrictions of Buddhist monks.
  • For those who do not drink alcohol, we offer Japanese tea or mineral water.



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