Tea is prepared with water boiled by a charcoal hearth which also heats up the entire tea room.

A bowl of tea should warm up the body and the heart of the guests during cold weather seasons, as stipulated by our founder, Sen-no-Rikyu.

Sen-no-Rikyu, who developed the basic form of tea ceremony we now practice, has taught us the principles of tea:
・Lay the charcoal so that the water boils efficiently
・Provide a sense of warmth in the winter



 Please refer to our workshop details: http://goo.gl/3I0QCC


About Mat-Cha-Doh

We at Mat-Cha-Doh provide Japanese cultural experiences in Tokyo centered around Cha-do, the way of tea, said to be the epitome of Japanese culture. We focus on Matcha (ground green tea), the main item of Cha-do, and its amazing powers. We offer information on a Matcha-energized healthy life through our blogs, online shop, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.