Learn the Essence of The Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese calligraphy, which is closely related to the tea ceremony is now available as a workshop.
A hanging scroll with calligraphy is displayed at a TOKONOMA, an alcove, the most important part of the tea ceremony room.

What exactly is calligraphy?We will teach you the joy of calligraphy through actual experience.
Your work will be mounted on a scroll and will be ready to decorate your favorite space at home.
Whenever you look at it, you will be reminded of your fun memory in creating the piece.
It will surely become a centerpiece of the conversation as you share the experience of your trip to the guests.



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About Mat-Cha-Doh

We at Mat-Cha-Doh provide Japanese cultural experiences in Tokyo centered around Cha-do, the way of tea, said to be the epitome of Japanese culture. We focus on Matcha (ground green tea), the main item of Cha-do, and its amazing powers. We offer information on a Matcha-energized healthy life through our blogs, online shop, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.