Experience Japan
~ Art of Tea, Spirit of Zen ~

Wagashi Making:
Fusion of art and sweets

Led by experienced wagashi maker
Conveniently located in Shibuya area

Learn to make seasonal “wagashi” tea ceremony sweets.
Wagashi are an integral part of the tea ceremony, carefully chosen by the tea master to reflect the changing seasons. You will learn how to shape, color and design your own sweets – and you can eat the results. A perfect souvenir for your family back home.

Lesson Flow

STEP 1. Prepare the dough. Apply colors.
STEP 2. Wrap the black bean filling with the dough, spreading it evenly with the thumb.
STEP 3. The last step is the careful shaping into seasonal designs.


Reviewed by Janice

Amazing Experience
I'm sure most of you would take a step back when you look at the cost, but honestly, how often do you travel to a new country and by-pass all the tourist-y spots to experience their culture in-depth?

This is the perfect opportunity to experience one of Japanese's most beautiful culture --- tea and wagashi. You will learn about the ingredient, techniques, and how they use simple colors or shapes to capture the essence of seasonal beauty. All ingredients were made from scratch by our lecturer.

The green wagashi with pink tip is the flower bulb of a pink peony, captured at the moment it is about to bloom. It's absolutely amazing to see how colors are created and the various tools you can use to create its shape.

I would go again if I can! It's so much fun and our translator is very professional and accommodating.

Reviewed by Gianni

Good Experience for the Dessert Enthusiast!
The wagashi making experience was very enjoyable! We were able to create three different wagashis (two of each design) and enjoy them with green tea. The technique was the highlight of the experience, and definitely something that I will use when I return from vacation.

A wagashi workshop certificate will be awarded
upon completion of the class.

Fees and Details

  • Wagashi Making: Fusion of art and sweets
  • Price: 15,000 yen per person
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Location: Toritsu Daigaku
  • Includes: Wagashi with high-grade Uji matcha tea
  • * Fees include taxes.
  • * Minimum number of participants is 2.
  • * Please refer to each section for its cancellation policy.
  • * Please consult us when;
    • - your group includes children under 12 years old.
    • - you are a group of more than 7.


  • * All plans include a pick up service by an interpreter at the train station closest to the facility.
  • * All facilities are within a 5-10 min walk from the train station.