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This morning on Sunday is started for Okinawa kokutoh (Shima kokutoh) Matcha Latte and a croissant.!!!   Okinawa kokutoh (Shima kokutoh) is a specialty in ”Okinawa” famous for longevity. It contains many mineral and vitamin very much.Therefore it’s said that they have the benefit of health maintenance, fatigue reduction, activation of brains and a diet. Instructions  

Morning Matcha – Okinawa kokutoh Matcha Latte

This morning has started cheerfully by this menu!!! A combination of Mango and Matcha (ground green tea) is yummy. Bitterness of Matcha matches sweetness of mango very well. It’s recommended.  

Mango and Matcha (ground green tea)

Hello, my name is ”MATTSU”. A member of Mat-Cha-Doh. I’m a event planner who likes Matcha (ground green tea) and travel very much. We’re wishing that all over the world brims over with calm at the heart, health and cheerful every day by amazing power of Matcha(Green Tea). Please enjoy the experience tour which are our service. An English interpreter is guiding you a tour.     

Hello, my name is ”MATTSU”.