Article – Wagashi (Japanese sweets)

     Sweets served with matcha are made from healthy foods such as beans and yam potatoes. You can taste them even if you’re on a diet of vegan. Many visitors are surprised that they have a sweet taste. How about experiencing all the process of cooking sweets?   Please check:

Healthy sweets

      They are “cherry blossom” and bird themed Jo-namagashi. Jo-namagashi refers to the highest quality Japanese sweets used in tea ceremonies. Guests can participate in the step-by-step process of preparing the sweets (from kneading the dough, coloring, forming the shape and designing sweets). It is a private lesson where guest can enjoy detailed personalized instruction.    If you are interested in this post, please check below!!  

Spring recipes have arrived for the wagashi making class!

  They are made of Wagashi (Japanese sweets). Very popular in our class “Wagashi Making”. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Let’s meet in our class next year.    Please check below!!

Here comes snowmen.