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        While Japanese green tea is picked all year, so-called First Tea is picked only in early spring. It is tasty and valuable because it contains lots of theanine, an amino acid generated by the winter cold. You can try tasty First Tea in the store during our tour!    Please check:

The season of First Tea is coming!

     Sweets served with matcha are made from healthy foods such as beans and yam potatoes. You can taste them even if you’re on a diet of vegan. Many visitors are surprised that they have a sweet taste. How about experiencing all the process of cooking sweets?   Please check:

Healthy sweets

    Many people enjoy many chances of bowing during a tea ceremony. As a guest, you need to bow many times sitting inside a tea room. It shows appreciation and respect for the master of ceremony. It is very typical Japanese culture!    Please check:

Enjoy bowing!

      Each tea ceremony has its theme such as season, particular person or event. Based on that, the master of the ceremony decides sweets served with matcha, tea bowls and hanging scroll. One time the theme was spring.   sweets: Sweets chef drawed cherry blossoms. They are representative as spring flower. hanging scroll is written as “春水満四澤”   It means that all the rivers in the mountain are filled with snow melting water. It reminds us of the satisfaction in mind.    Please check:

Spring as the theme of tea ceremony