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Young green tea leaves picked freshly in the Spring are stored and matured during Summer to bring out its original flavor and aroma inherent in tea. They are ready to be shipped out of the aging process in November. The matcha tea ordered during this period will be delivered to you in the freshest state as the leaves are just out of storage and freshly ground by a stone mill. *Mat-Cha-Doh only sells high quality matcha produced from a tea plantation in Uji, Kyoto.    Two must buy products that are of high quality and of tea ceremony grade, yet […]

Matcha season starts in November. We are proud to bring ...

        While Japanese green tea is picked all year, so-called First Tea is picked only in early spring. It is tasty and valuable because it contains lots of theanine, an amino acid generated by the winter cold. You can try tasty First Tea in the store during our tour!    Please check: bit.ly/matcha_buy

The season of First Tea is coming!