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Enjoy Wagashi Making with Uji Matcha Tea in Tokyo We have welcomed a wonderful aunt and niece pair from the States, (Georgia and California) to our Japanese sweets making workshop. This is a high school graduation gift from the Aunt and their first visit to Asia. The niece had a strong interest for our workshop as she loves making sweets and she always wanted to learn the authentic method to prepare Japanese sweets. She was very determined during the workshop. They were very laid back and sweet. We admired how much they cared about each other and their smiles showed […]

Tour Report –Jun. 28th, 2019

Authentic Cha-kaiseki (a five-course traditional cuisine) and Tea Ceremony in Tokyo Our tea ceremony plan at Futako-tamagawa has been used to entertain important guests. The members were a hosting family living in Japan (a couple and their daughter and son-in-law) and the guests, their client and her daughter from LA. It turned out to be a happy gathering full of family and warmth. The guest (mother) is interested in pottery and was fascinated by the bowls and utensils. One of the pleasures in tea ceremony is to take a close look and appreciate the tools used to serve the tea. […]

Tour Report – May 10th, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo A wonderful couple from New Jersey, USA has visited us this time. It was their first experience with the tea ceremony. They had read a good review on a website and decided to join us. They wished to understand the culture of Japan even deeper. When they prepared the tea by themselves at the end of the workshop, they exchanged the bowl of tea and tasted each other’s. It was very impressive when they both praised each other’s tea as the best. Nothing is more important than the warm thought for a guest […]

Tour Report – Apr. 24th, 2019

Authentic Cha-kaiseki (a five-course traditional cuisine) and Tea Ceremony in Tokyo We welcomed a group of tourists from LA and Taiwan to our tea ceremony room in Futago Tamagawa. They were here to celebrate the birthday of one of the tour members. As soon as we met, we were greeted by cheerful and pleasant smiles and we really enjoyed their company. They all seem very interested in tea ceremony and grasped its true enjoyment; one, to be able to appreciate the setup of the room and the utensils the host has chosen and two, the spirit of tea, to create […]

Tour Report – Apr. 13th, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo We have welcomed wonderful guests from Lisbon, Portugal to our tea ceremony room this time. They had a chance to drink a bowl of matcha tea at the hotel they are staying and their wish to know more about it lead them to our workshop. They seem really knowledgeable about the culture and life of Japan and we really enjoyed the conversation. They said they would like to study more about Japan in depth when they retire. We were able to share a wonderful time because of their kind and gracious manner. We […]

Tour Report – Apr. 12th, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo It was our first time welcoming guests from Brazil. They were from São Paulo and it was their first visit to Asia. We are so delighted to receive guests from all over the world! The couple loves Japanese culture and they even drink matcha tea in Brazil. Their enthusiasm was evident during the workshop. We passed on some tips so that they can enjoy quality matcha drinks back home. We hope they continue to enjoy their healthy matcha habit. We are so grateful for another delightful encounter!  If you are interested in this […]

Tour Report – Apr. 10th, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo Our guests were a couple from California, USA. They were full of smiles and warm spirit just like the California sun and the tea ceremony room was filled with lots of laughter. They said the whole family, including their daughters, loves matcha and they tackled their task with enthusiasm. They were fully charged with the power of matcha by the end of the workshop! Matcha powder is made by grinding the whole green leaves so all of the healthy nutrients may be consumed. Tea ceremony offers teas in its best form. Come and […]

Tour Report – Apr. 5th, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo We had two beautiful ladies from Saudi Arabia visiting our tea ceremony room. They were full of anticipation as this is their first visit to Japan and the first experience with tea ceremony. We discussed the culture of each country while enjoying the tea. We were surprised to find the common elements and respected the differences at the same time. It was such an exciting moment. The tea ceremony has a special power of bringing people from different backgrounds together. We hope to continue on with our programs and to meet more wonderful […]

Tour Report – Apr. 1st, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo We welcomed wonderful guests to our tea ceremony room. They were from the state of Maine in the United States. A pair of in-laws (mother and daughter-in-law) seemed very close and were very cheerful. They enjoyed preparing a bowl of tea by themselves and purchased tea utensils, a whisk and a bag of matcha powder when we took them to a tea shop after the workshop. We were delighted to see our tea culture spreading before our eyes. May their days be filled with joys and delicious cups of matcha tea! If you […]

Tour Report – Mar. 29th, 2019

体験レポート 二子玉川のお茶室に金融系企業の皆様をお迎えしました。Fintech(フィンテック、ファイナンス・テクノロジーの略。金融とITを掛けあわせた領域のこと)に関わるサービスを展開されており、多忙な毎日を送られています。今回は、まずリーダークラスの方々をお迎えしての実施となりました。 部長様の強い思い「メディテーション(心を静めて祈ったり、何かに心を集中させること)の側面から何かを会得し、より強固な組織作りにつなげられるプログラムを取り入れたい」があり、抹茶道を選んでいただけました。茶道と禅の精神を通して、チームの活性化、組織力Upの実現につながることを目指したプログラムとなります。 各々が、お茶室という非日常の空間に身を置き、ほんのひと時ではありますが無心になることができ、それぞれに新たな気付きを得られたようです。心地よい緊張感に包まれた茶道体験の後、茶懐石のパートに移ると、自然と活発なコミュニケーションが生まれていました。また、「生きていく上での考え方の幅が広がりそう。」「良い意味で心に余裕を持てることの大切さを知った。」などなど、嬉しいコメントもいただきました。 弊社のプログラムが、お仲間と共に豊かな毎日を送っていただけるきっかけとなれれば大変嬉しいです。 体験風景 現在、スタートの春 応援キャンペーン !!(http://mat-cha-doh.com/enterprise/)も実施しております。ぜひ、ご利用ください。お待ちしております。 企業向け体験プログラム:http://mat-cha-doh.com/enterprise 体験レポート:http://mat-cha-doh.com/enterprise/#casestudy


Enjoy Wagashi Making with Uji Matcha Tea in Tokyo We welcomed two wonderful guests to our Wagashi making workshop. They enjoyed making sweets with two different cherry blossom motifs. It was employed as a part of a project to invite foreign press to experience Japanese cuisine. The writer was from Los Angeles, USA. She seemed to enjoy the process of making sweets because she likes the sweet bean paste. We were impressed with how she handled the delicate technique of applying colors and decoration to the sweets. She said she would always remember this day of making wagashi herself when […]

Tour Report –Feb. 15th, 2019

2018年12月18日 企業様のサプライズ忘年会 先日、企業様のサプライズ忘年会の企画の1つとして、抹茶道の「茶道と日本食を愉しむ」をご活用いただきました。「茶道体験+点心弁当(茶事専用の献立、日本酒付)」で構成される体験プログラムです。 香港・中国・台湾・日本と多国籍なメンバー構成からなる、インバウンドPR支援を行っている会社様です。 幹事の方以外は、何が待っているのか分からないドキドキ感満載の中での参加でしたが、始まってみると、とても賑やかで愉しいイベントとなり、皆様から「とても良い体験ができました、楽しかった」と嬉しいコメントもいただきました。 元々中国から伝来したお抹茶が、日本で茶道文化として華開いた経緯を語り合いながら、また、茶道の所作も1つひとつ体験いただきながら、一緒に豊かな時間を過ごしました。 抹茶道では、このように企業向けの体験プログラムもご用意しております。社内交流、オフサイト、チームビルディング、新人研修 などを目的としたイベントなどでご活用いただいております。目的や予算に合わせてカスタマイズしておりますので、まずは、お気軽にお問い合わせください。 詳細はこちらから: http://mat-cha-doh.com/enterprise

Tour Report – Dec. 18th, 2018