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Let’s try ” Morning Zazen (Zen meditation) “ – Part1 I tried morning ” Zazen “ at a temple in this morning. It is a splendid experience. ” Zazen “ is the basic ascetic practices method of the Zen. I was always interested because it was said that the tea ceremony was based on a thought of the Zen Buddhism. Let me introduce that I learned today. It is important to put one’s heart at this now moment. Don’t think about the thing of the person except oneself and the past and the future. Then we begin to hear the […]

Let’s try ” Morning Zazen(Zen meditation) ” – Part1

The other day, I had “Matcha Affogato” for the very first time at a cafe in Tokyo. Affogato is a traditional Italian espresso-based treat that I am sure many of you have tried before. This one, however, is matcha on top of matcha ice cream served with red beans jam and rice‐flour dumplings! As much as I loved the taste, I loved the way they served it; you get to whisk matcha and put it on the ice cream yourself! It was a bit of a Zen moment in the heart of Tokyo! lol

“Matcha Affogato” for the very first time at a cafe ...

As you may know, Matcha is used in many types of Western confectioneries here in Japan. Today we had a guest who brought us a Matcha roll cake of Jiichiro, a confectionery from Shizuoka. Shizuoka is a prefecture that produces almost 40% of green tea in Japan! We had it with Starbucks coffee for a change, and actually it matched pretty well! lol

A Matcha roll cake of Jiichiro

This morning on Sunday is started for Okinawa kokutoh (Shima kokutoh) Matcha Latte and a croissant.!!!   Okinawa kokutoh (Shima kokutoh) is a specialty in ”Okinawa” famous for longevity. It contains many mineral and vitamin very much.Therefore it’s said that they have the benefit of health maintenance, fatigue reduction, activation of brains and a diet. Instructions  

Morning Matcha – Okinawa kokutoh Matcha Latte

This morning has started cheerfully by this menu!!! A combination of Mango and Matcha (ground green tea) is yummy. Bitterness of Matcha matches sweetness of mango very well. It’s recommended.  

Mango and Matcha (ground green tea)

Let us introduce ” Gallery Yakimono NAGANAWA “ which is being guided by our tour. This shop is a gallery of Pottery in Gakugei-daigaku(Meguro-ku,Tokyo). Each work is filled with expectation of a shop owner and a author. It’s possible to sense by the warmth which is being transmitted the moment we took it in our hands. Please take our tour and experience it!!

” Gallery Yakimono NAGANAWA ” which is being guided by ...

Let us introduce 3 basic tools of Matcha (ground green tea). “Chashaku” is a utensil to scoop matcha powder from a container (tea things) and put it in a bowl. “Chasen” is a utensil to stir around matcha powder to which hot water has been added in the bowl and make them disperse uniformly. “Chawan” is a tea bowl made of pottery. It’s used to make matcha and to drink. *”Chashaku” and “Chasen” are made with a bamboo. Making by hand by a craftsman.  

3 basic tools of Matcha (ground green tea)

Hello, my name is ”MATTSU”. A member of Mat-Cha-Doh. I’m a event planner who likes Matcha (ground green tea) and travel very much. We’re wishing that all over the world brims over with calm at the heart, health and cheerful every day by amazing power of Matcha(Green Tea). Please enjoy the experience tour which are our service. An English interpreter is guiding you a tour.     

Hello, my name is ”MATTSU”.