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Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo Our guests were a couple from California, USA. They were full of smiles and warm spirit just like the California sun and the tea ceremony room was filled with lots of laughter. They said the whole family, including their daughters, loves matcha and they tackled their task with enthusiasm. They were fully charged with the power of matcha by the end of the workshop! Matcha powder is made by grinding the whole green leaves so all of the healthy nutrients may be consumed. Tea ceremony offers teas in its best form. Come and […]

Tour Report – Apr. 5th, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo We had two beautiful ladies from Saudi Arabia visiting our tea ceremony room. They were full of anticipation as this is their first visit to Japan and the first experience with tea ceremony. We discussed the culture of each country while enjoying the tea. We were surprised to find the common elements and respected the differences at the same time. It was such an exciting moment. The tea ceremony has a special power of bringing people from different backgrounds together. We hope to continue on with our programs and to meet more wonderful […]

Tour Report – Apr. 1st, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo We welcomed wonderful guests to our tea ceremony room. They were from the state of Maine in the United States. A pair of in-laws (mother and daughter-in-law) seemed very close and were very cheerful. They enjoyed preparing a bowl of tea by themselves and purchased tea utensils, a whisk and a bag of matcha powder when we took them to a tea shop after the workshop. We were delighted to see our tea culture spreading before our eyes. May their days be filled with joys and delicious cups of matcha tea! If you […]

Tour Report – Mar. 29th, 2019

Enjoy Wagashi Making with Uji Matcha Tea in Tokyo We welcomed two wonderful guests to our Wagashi making workshop. They enjoyed making sweets with two different cherry blossom motifs. It was employed as a part of a project to invite foreign press to experience Japanese cuisine. The writer was from Los Angeles, USA. She seemed to enjoy the process of making sweets because she likes the sweet bean paste. We were impressed with how she handled the delicate technique of applying colors and decoration to the sweets. She said she would always remember this day of making wagashi herself when […]

Tour Report –Feb. 15th, 2019

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo We welcomed a wonderful couple visiting from Long Island, a suburb of Manhattan, NY today. They wished to experience a truly authentic style of tea ceremony during this visit to Japan. I was impressed by their meticulous attention to detail as I was going through each step. I explained to them how I incorporate the fundamental spirit of tea ceremony, “harmony, respect, purity and tranquility (和敬清寂)” in my practice. They said they were able to see it in my performance. “A lovely memory, thank you”, they said. I felt so happy and lucky […]

Tour Report – Oct. 12th, 2018

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo Our guest today was a wonderful couple from Los Angeles. They both decided to try an authentic tea ceremony because they love matcha so much. They were ready to absorb everything about tea ceremony from its history, manner and its principle. We especially had fun the latter part of the workshop where they had to prepare tea by themselves. They said they would do this again when they get back home. Because of their warm and humorous personality, the tea room was filled with an enjoyable spirit. Our male guest is a professional […]

Tour Report – Aug. 13th, 2018

Green Tea and Wagashi Delights in Tokyo   We welcomed guests from Toronto, Canada today. They have traveled to Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Iceland and at last, arrived in Japan the day before. It was their first visit here. It was their first time experiencing the tea ceremony and drinking real matcha. They had seen pictures and videos of tea ceremonies and always wanted to experience it first hand. We were very impressed with how seriously they tried to undertake each task. They tried to sit in a formal way when we were explaining the meaning of each gesture; how to […]

Tour Report – Apr. 2nd, 2018

In the tea ceremony meal, it is accompanied by sake as the host pours a bowl of sake to each guest and conversely the guets to the host. The “Hassun” dish consists of an assortment of delicacies from the mountain (plant-based) and the sea. The wooden serving tray and chopsticks, placed diagonally, should be moistened with water. This subtle presentations gives the pure and clean impression in kaiseki meal.        Please refer to our tour plan:  http://goo.gl/3I0QCC  

“Hassun (八寸)” should be enjoyed by taste as well as ...

茶道と禅の精神を通して、チームの活性化、組織力Upを実現する   禅がベースの茶道の精神「和敬清寂」は、人生指針そのものと言えます。「互いに心を開いて仲良くする」「互いに敬い合う」「心の中も清らかである」「どんなときも動じない心」を知り、強い個、強い組織作りを実現します。社内交流、オフサイト、チームビルディング、リーダー研修、新人研修 などでご活用いただいております。     禅に基づく茶道の精神を通して体験できること 非日常の空間に身を置き、自分と向き合い、自分を知る(他を知る前に自分を知る) 他を知り、関係を築くとはどういうことか(丁度良い距離感の必然性)を学ぶ 一座建立の精神で一体となって同じ空間を作り上げる愉しさを知る 礼節・和親を学ぶことからお互いを尊敬し合えるきっかけを掴む   茶道の根底にある「和敬清寂」の精神 和: 全てのことが平和に行くこと、調和が取れていること敬: 自己を慎み、他人を尊敬すること清: 物と心が清らかであること寂: 何事にも動じない心を持つということ   用途例 部署の垣根を超えた交流 チームビルディング リーダー研修 新人研修 マナー研修(美しい居住まい、立ち振る舞いを学ぶ) 知っているようで知らなかった日本を知る(グローバル社会の一員であることを意識し、世界に誇れる日本の文化を知る) 茶道のおもてなし文化から究極のカスタマーエクスペリエンスを学ぶ その他、歓迎会、懇親会、外国人スタッフの文化研修などとして   活用事例を見る   施設のご案内(二子玉川のお茶室) 静寂と伝統美に包まれた非日常の空間 施設は、お茶室と能の舞台のみで構成されています。二子玉川駅から数分の距離にありながら、施設に一歩入ると、静寂な空間が広がり、ゆったりと体験いただけます。 お茶室は、千利休好みの侘茶の茶室(小間 4畳半以下)となりますが、能の舞台との仕切りを外すと、一度に、20名様くらいまで入っていただくことができます。 普段、目にすることのできないお道具も多数取り揃えており、これらを実際に手に取って拝見いただけます。   能の舞台でお食事 お茶室に隣接している能の舞台にてお食事いただきます。   プラン(例)   体験プログラム「茶道と日本食を愉しむ」   裏千家茶人 ”土井宗満” と共に、茶道と日本食(茶道用の献立で構成されたお弁当)を愉しんでいただきます。本来の茶道に近い形で行っております。非日常の空間に身を置くことで、いろいろな壁が取り払われ、素の自分と出会えます。   内容 亭主による茶道体験 茶道を通じて皆様とお話し 日本食(茶道用の献立で構成されたお弁当)体験   時間 約1.5時間   場所 二子玉川のお茶室(二子玉川駅から徒歩で数分)   通常価格 お1人様 10,000円(税別) ※ 日本語のコミュニケーションとなります。通訳(英語・中国語)が必要な場合は、別途お見積りさせていただきます。   人数 10~20名様(40名様を午前・午後の2回に分けて実施することも可能です)   タイムスケジュール(モデルケース) 下記は、40名様を午前・午後の2回に分けて行った際の例です。イベントの目的、人数、日程、ご予算に応じてカスタマイズ可能ですので、まずは、お気軽にお問い合わせください。   チームA(10名) チームB(10名) チームC(10名) チームD(10名) 10:30am 午前の部 【A・Bチーム】 二子玉川駅に集合 ※お迎え 10:30am – 10:45am お茶室へ移動(徒歩で、約2、3分)/マンションエレベーターで順番に入室(約10分) 10:45am – 11:00am ご挨拶 11:00am – 11:30am 茶道体験 お食事(茶道用の献立)     11:30am – 12:00pm お食事(茶道用の献立) […]


Feel and enjoy this beautiful season by experiencing the workshop on formal tea ceremony (Japanese “Cha-kaiseki” meal and tea ceremony) . Cha-kaiseki offers a traditional course meal consisted of seasonal ingredients both pleasing to the eyes and tastes great paired with Japanese sake.      Please refer to our tour report: https://goo.gl/muEnEf Detail on our plan: http://goo.gl/3I0QCC  

A hint of spring is in the air.

A bowl of tea should warm up the body and the heart of the guests during cold weather seasons, as stipulated by our founder, Sen-no-Rikyu. Sen-no-Rikyu, who developed the basic form of tea ceremony we now practice, has taught us the principles of tea: ・Lay the charcoal so that the water boils efficiently ・Provide a sense of warmth in the winter      Please refer to our workshop details: http://goo.gl/3I0QCC  

Tea is prepared with water boiled by a charcoal hearth ...

Freshly steamed rice Miso soup with seasonal ingredients The soup reflects the season by adjusting the amount of miso paste and the kind of ingredients used. Sashimi with fresh seasonal fish In addition, a stewed dish and the main dish (grilled dish) will be served. Please enjoy the tea ceremony that follows the meal. We would love to have you join us!    Please refer to our tour plan:  http://goo.gl/3I0QCC

Cha-kaiseki course starts with dishes that warm up your heart ...